Senior Citizen Program

The Senior Citizens Program operates within Eddy County. Services provided include transportation, congregate meals, home delivered meals, housekeeping, and adult day care services. These services are provided with federal and state funding. Local funding is sought to meet program-funding requirements. In addition, donations are encouraged from participants in order to ensure services are continued and/or expanded. The program serves persons 60 and over.

Services Provided by the Program

FY 10-11 Meals Served: 43,228

Nutritiously well-balanced meals that meet 1/3 of the daily food requirements are provided five days a week at designated senior centers. In addition to the meals, social activities are provided for the participants at the centers. Activities include: birthday parties, games, dances, bingo, and arts and crafts classes, which are held throughout the year. Group exercise is offered and the centers have an assorted group of exercise equipment for senior use.

FY 10-11 Meals Served: 80,786

Nutritiously well balanced meals that meet 1/3 of the food requirements are provided five days a week to homebound seniors. These are not special diets.

FY 10-11 Trips Provided: 10,490

Transportation is provided for eligible seniors to and from the senior centers. In addition, arrangements can be made at the senior center for transportation to and from medical appointments, shopping, and other designated appointments.

FY 10-11: 4,249.50 units provided

Housekeeping services are available on a very limited basis for homebound seniors in the Carlsbad, Artesia and Loving areas. The service assists in keeping the homebound senior at home and out of long-term care facilities.

FY 10-11: 8,491.50 units provided

SNMCAC is providing Adult Day Care Service in the Artesia area. Adult Day care is a great option for older adults who may benefit from socialization, support services, recreation, and well-balanced meals in a supervised social setting. Adult day care programs enable the resident to attend the program during the day and return home in the evening.

Additional Services

The Senior Citizens Program also distributes commodities from Roadrunner Food Bank and the Salvation Army to senior citizens in need as well as being the lead agency for the county in the Feeding America program which is coordinated by Roadrunner Food Bank.  Through the Feeding America program SNMCAC’s Senior Citizens Program picks up donations of food that is nearing expiration from Wal-Mart and distributes it to seniors at the sites and to partner agencies who offer hunger relief programs.

FY 10-11: 170,586.68 pounds

Senior Citizens Employment Program

SNMCAC’s Senior Citizens Program provides paid on-the-job training for low-income, unemployed people over the age of 55 through both the state and federal Senior Citizen Employment Program.  For more information about this opportunity, please contact the Program Director at 575-887-3939 ext. 224.

Upcoming Services

The Senior Citizens Program is now developing a waiting list for the upcoming Carlsbad Adult Respite facility, located at 201 Cascade Avenue in Carlsbad, New Mexico.  This center will provide adult day care services to the seniors of Carlsbad.  To reserve a spot, please contact the Program Director at 575-887-3939 ext. 224.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteerism is the mainstream of the program's existence. Without the help of volunteers doing their daily jobs, services could not be provided.  If you are interested in volunteering for the Senior Citizens Program; please contact the Site Manager or Supervisor at the center where you wish to serve.

Funds and Fundraising Needs

Funding is provided by Aging and Long Term Services Department, Non-Metro Area Agency on Aging and Eddy County. In-kind support is also provided by the City of Artesia and the City of Carlsbad.
The Senior Citizens Program was fortunate in regard to funding cuts this fiscal year; however, costs are increasing along with demand creating the need to raise over $30,000 in funds to support the operations of the program.  If you would like to donate to the program, please contact the Program Director or the Manager or Supervisor of the site.

Contact Information

Main Office – Misty Cryer, Program Director– 575-887-3939 ext. 224
Artesia Meal Site – Mary Aguilar, Area Manager – 575-746-6712
Artesia Adult Day Services – Connie Benton, ADC Director – 575-746-6712
San Jose Senior Center/Meal Site – Robert Echavarria, Area Manager – 575-887-7163
Loving Senior Center/Meal Site – Gary Armendariz, Site Supervisor – 575-745-3721